Judicial Review : The Judicial System Essay

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Although the Judicial branch is the last branch of government, it is by no means less important than the other two branches of government. This branch is composed of the Supreme Court and the lower federal court system and is in charge of interpreting the law. In the third article of the Constitution, all courts in the Judicial branch have the power to decipher the law, have a Chief Justice who is in charge of making the hard decisions over trials that deal with presidential impeachment, and have the ability to practice judicial review. Judicial Review was first introduced as a main component of the Judicial branch in by John Marshall in 1803 during the case of Marbury vs. Madison. Because of judicial review, the Supreme Court is able to decided whether or not the laws passed by Congress, the presidential treaties that have been previously approved by the Senate, the enforcements of laws headed by the president, or the state laws are constitutional or unconstitutional. However, judges in the Supreme Court normally hear cases, have original jurisdiction to hear cases involving cases against state and branch matters, and can hear cases from lower state and federal courts (DeLorenzo). In fact, many important decisions are not just made by the Supreme Court, but also by the surrounding 94 district courts (Wilson 455). The judges who make these decisions are first nominated by the president and then voted on by the Senate and normally serve for life or until they are impeached.…

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