Essay about Judaism : The Oldest Of The Three Monotheistic Religions

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Judaism is described as a religion, a race, a culture, and a nation. The Jewish heritage has been passed down from generation to generation for many years. This practice is the oldest of the three western monotheistic religions. There are more than 14 million people who claim some type of Jewish heritage. Judaism as a religion has been around for anywhere in between five thousand and ten thousand years (Johnson). Naturally because this particular religion has been in practice for many years, it is accustomed to change. The practices, beliefs, and rituals of Judaism have changed throughout the years leading to other religions that are variances of Judaism itself. The best way to describe Jewish people is as an extended family. At some point every “Jewish” person has had ancestors that relate back to Jewish roots. Judaism does not have a formal set of mandatory beliefs. Their customs and thought process of being better Jewish citizens have changed throughout many years. Judaism throughout history has stayed constant in the fact that it keeps a focus on the relationships between the Creator (God), mankind, and the Land of Israel. Most Jewish religions today are mainly based on the Talmud and the 613 commandments that are written in the Torah (Sanders).
Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, otherwise known as Rambam, has possibly created the most accepted summary of Jewish beliefs with his “Thirteen Principles of Faith.” Rambam was one of the all-time greatest Jewish scholars. He believed…

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