Essay on Journalism : An Investigative Journalism

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Journalism is arguably one of the most important jobs to have in today’s society. In a constantly evolving, tumultuous, war-torn, corruption-riddled world, the one thing everyone needs is someone to make sense of it. My job is to become an investigative journalist and photojournalist so that I can report on what people need to hear. Journalism is a timeless field that has existed throughout the existence of written language. Whenever an important event occurred, someone was there to write it down and preserve it for generations to come. The first written newspaper in America was Publick Occurrences, which was published in Boston in the year 1690. Since then, we have more than 1400 daily newspapers in the country. Many styles of journalism have emerged throughout this span of time. One of the most important journalistic periods that emerged was in the early 1900’s, the height of muckraking. Muckraking is a form of reform-minded investigative journalism that revolves around exposing social problems and political corruption; the most popular example of this being Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. Much has changed between then and today.
There have been many changes in the field of journalism, and muckraking is no longer glorified. Many of those who reveal corruptions in todays society are demonized as enemies of the state, most famously being Edward Snowden, but also the late journalist Michael Hastings and army soldier Bradley Manning. As technology and access to information…

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