Joseph 's Actions When Coming Into Power Under A Hybrid Identity

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Joseph’s, life was in the pits, no literally. Being the favorite son of ten brothers by his father Jacob caused his brothers to despise him, so they did what normal brothers would have done, throw him into a pit of snakes and scorpions. But Joseph rises above more than just the pit in a new land, being sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers. Joseph’s actions when coming into power under a hybrid identity reveals his character’s purpose and his true compassion towards his family. Joseph’s public and private actions display a profound amount of wisdom beyond his years.
After being sold off into slavery In Egypt he acquires a reputation as an interpreter of dreams (while in jail, having been falsely accused by Potiphar 's wife). He interprets dreams of the Pharaoh to indicate imminent famine, and as a result is promoted to great power. By wise exercise of this power, he enables Egypt to survive the famine, which affects Canaan too.1 It’s at this point that Joseph has grown a lot older and has gotten tanner to the extent that none would recognize him from his prior appearance. When Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to bring back food for their families in famine-plagued Canaan, Joseph is not the helpless one anymore. It seems as though the tables have turned and now Joseph has the power to let them starve, a real “what goes around comes around moment” but that’s not what Joseph sees. Joseph immediately catches on that this is God’s plan and that he is to be the provider for…

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