Joseph Mccarthy : A Corrupt Childhood With Bullying And Gambling

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Joseph McCarthy had a corrupt childhood with bullying and gambling, etc. He carried all of these bad habits into his carrier. He was a deceiving and powerful man. He twisted all the information he obtained and used it against innocent people. Ultimately, nothing came out of his investigations except for fear and chaos.Joseph McCarthy was a United States Senator during the 1950s who ran a series of anti-communistic trials blaming many innocent Americans and essentially ruining their lives and or careers.
It is interesting to notice that all of McCarthy’s bad habits and ways stemmed back to his childhood. Joseph grew up being bullied by his older brothers (he was one of 7 kids). At the age of fourteen he owned an acre of land given to him by his father and eventually he owned up to 12,000 chickens.He went to highschool at the age of 19 and graduated at the age of 20. A companion who happened to play poker with him when he was in his 20s once said, “He was a notorious bluffer, always pretending to have the right cards in his hands when what he held was worthless”. One can see from this quote how similar McCarthy was when bluffing about the communists in the future. When he was 29, he ran for and won circuit judge. He would constantly lie about himself and his opponents in order to win over the crowd. One major thing that McCarthy took out of his campaign was that people are more influenced by impressions than by facts. Joseph went on to fight in the army in order to obtain…

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