Joseph Mccarthyism In The Salem Witch Trials

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When a man was crushed under the enormous weight of boulders, stones, and rocks, he was not accused of being a murderer, or being a thief, or even the worst sin of adultery. This man was unable to confess the names of alleged, “witches” within the Salem Village of Massachusetts.This mans name was Giles Corey, and he was one of the many innocent victims killed during the Salem Witch Trials. With many problems facing people throughout the centuries, the Salem Witch Trials, the, “Red Scare” and the Paranoia of the Ebola outbreak in America may have been the most shocking events that has happened in American History. The Salem Witch Trials started due to the belief of witchcraft within the village when Young women and a Slave named Tituba practiced …show more content…
Mccarthyism is the definition of accusing others in being a communist within the American Government. Most in which many accusations and allegations were made by Senator Joseph R. Mccarthy (“”). Mccarthyism, used by Joseph Mccarthy, put many people without jobs. They were also blacklisted, and were of course, shunned upon. Most of these accusations by Mccarthy were fueled by what some say fear, but mainly to, “Gain power within the Central Government.” Joseph R. Mccarthy was born on November 14th, 1908 in Grand Chute, Wisconsin (“”). Even before all of these accusations and allegations, Mccarthy was known to be very, “intimidating.” Mccarthy was considered the least qualified and the most corrupt politicians of his time (“Cold”). Mccarthy was set into his second term in office, he was, “put in charge of the Committee on Government Operations, which allowed him to launch even more expansive investigations of the alleged communist infiltration of the federal government” (“”). Mccarthy set out to soil the, “Communist party in the Armed Services of America” But it only led to his downfall. Mccarthy attacked the Armed Services with many unproven accusations that led many people to believe that what Mccarthy was saying, was never entirely true from the start (“”). a court hearings on national television, dubbed, “Army-Mccarthy” further proved that Mccarthy was blowing smoke up the chimney. After the hearings, Joseph R. Mccarthy lost many of his allies after the hearings, and he lost his power within the Central Government (“”). Mccarthy set a very sad, and very vulgar vision within America, and most of his practices set him out to be this hero that he never was (“”) Mccarthy was condemned with a horrible

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