Jonbenet Ramsey Case Summary

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The tragedy that transpired on December 25, 1996 was one of the most horrific events pertaining to a minor. A beautiful little girl was beaten, sexually assaulted, and murdered in her Denver, Colorado. There are so many key factors that are associated with this case that were omitted. Mary Lacy who was the District Attorney assigned to the case, issued a statement that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in her place of residency. Yet, the ransom note stated that she was kidnapped and that she would be delivered to them once they retrieved the money without Police contact (Saferstein, R. 2011). JonBenet’s body was found in the basement of their home with a broken window and scuff marks. The Police stated that there were several open windows and an open door but the broken window information was not shared until one year after the murder. The Police did not secure the crime scene and allowed the Ramsey’s and their friends to search, enter, …show more content…
The investigation went on for about seven years without any arrest and a grand jury voted to indict the parents for child abuse and the Mary Lacy, the DA, rejected the indictment under lack of evidence. The ransom note was written so juvenile that it is no way that anyone in their right frame of mind would ever look for the killers outside the Ramsey household. A true criminal will not write this in a ransom letter, “it might be exhausting, so get some rest”, “we might contact you earlier to arrange an earlier delivery”! (, 2015). What kind of criminal is that? This is ludicrous and pathetic that they introduced all the forensic evidence and made no arrests, could not match any of the forensic evidence that they announced, but the evidence that was promising there was no pursuit or strong investigative effort to place the Ramsey’s in

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