Jonathan Flynn Personal Response

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For Jonathan Flynn, life was a road trip. A road trip that had an abundance of wrong turns, misleading directions, and one way signs to a dead end. It became obvious that finding a positive pathway in life was a challenging task for him to accomplish. Jonathan made quite a few decisions in his lifetime, the most prominent decision being the imprudent amounts of alcohol, that significantly slowed his road to success. Along with his poor decisions, luck or lack of luck played a tremendous role in his road to failure and misery. Jonathan, however, is not the only person who has been victimized by alcohol and bad luck. When asked what distracted Jonathan from a positive lifestyle, I immediately thought of his alcoholism. In the memoir, he …show more content…
In fact, his lack of interaction with his own son, Nick Flynn, for 27 years of Nick’s life did not even motivate him to alter his lifestyle to live a happier, alcohol-free life. It was exceptionally unfortunate that Jonathan’s life choices had a ripple-like effect on those around him.
His actions created a series of calamitous events throughout his family. The events took place as follows… Jonathan’s excessive use of alcohol initially led to a poor relationship with Nick’s mother, Jody. This unhealthy relationship eventually led to a divorce between the couple. Jody then packed up her two sons and isolated them from their previous childhood lives and their father. Following, Nick’s depression sprouted from the divorce and the hectic lifestyle he was dragged into. But wait, it is not over just yet. In time, Nick’s depression resulted in his own mother’s suicide, which then caused him to fall into an even deeper depression. He then proceeded to turn to alcohol and drug abuse. The point of that morbid, never-ending timeline was to prove that Jonathan’s alcoholism did not solely affect him, but it also killed his wife and dragged his son into a dangerous depression. Not only that, but this all stopped him from seeking a positive path in his life. If anything, it put him on a downhill path of despair, agony, and

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