Essay about Jon Wiener 's How We Forgot The Cold War

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Jon Wiener’s How We Forgot the Cold War is an engaging tour of American monuments dedicated to the failed remembrance of the Cold War. Through a five-part study guiding the reader through different eras of remembrance, Wiener gives detailed accounts of monuments, memorials, and museums dedicated to the official memory of the Cold War. Conservative thought dominated for much of the book. Through the decades, conservative politicians fought to disseminate their belief of the conflict as a triumph of good over evil and the equation of the defeat of totalitarianism with the defeat of fascism in World War II. Wiener’s travels on the surface are simply a road trip through time and space visiting different sites which remember the conflict in varying narratives. Instead of remembrance, the author discovers that the war is being forgotten and the conservative effort lay by the wayside of history. The grand monuments and memorials once planned by the conservatives either do not exist or are unknown to the general public. The conservative efforts which once dominated the official memory can be seen in the exhibits which still survive but their lack of visitation and grandeur speak to the ways in which the American public remembers the Cold War. The triumphal efforts of politicians in remembering the Cold War exist today in the un-memorialized conservative ideologies of figures like Ronald Reagan but do not physically exist except in spaces like a country pumpkin patch or a single…

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