Jon Krakauer 's Into The Wild Essay

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One can argue that Jon Krakauer includes several excerpts throughout his novel Into the Wild, because he uses quotes from real authors to demonstrate how the wild differentiates from the daily life humans’ lead. Moreover, the excerpts relate to Christopher Johnson McCandless in some sort of way. Krakauer may be including excerpts at the beginning of every chapter to introduce the topic, as well as show a deep comparison of Chris McCandless’s adventure to the excerpt(s). Krakauer makes specific structural choices, length, tone, and content of individual texts, as well as their juxtaposition to one another. There are multiple textual examples that prove Jon Krakauer’s point.

One of Krakauer’s reasons for including excerpts is to introduce the topic. Why else would Krakauer include the passages at the beginning of the chapter instead of the end? (Krakauer does include passages at the end of certain chapters, but they aren’t really noteworthy to the topic.) Also, most of the texts relate to Christopher Johnson McCandless, and some of them are his influences. For example, on page nine, “The land itself was a desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness.” This portion from an excerpt “White Fang”, written by Jack London, was one of McCandless’s major influences. Jack London was a very ambitious man, who loved literature and the outdoors equally. London ventured into the ragged-margin of the society in Alaska. The…

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