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Author: O’Henry He is known for startling his readers with surprise endings. A surprise ending is an unexpected twist at the end of a story that you did not predict. Even though an ending is a surprise, it must be believable.Writers make surprise endings believable by giving you a few hints about the ending without giving it away

Title: The title suggests a tree with only one leaf on it. It implies that the most important thing about the story is the leaf. After reading the story we realize that this idea makes sense because it is the leaves that make Johnsy think she is going to die and it is the last leaf painted by their old neighbour that enables her live.

Setting: Greenwich Village in NY in an
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Johnsy declares that as soon as the last leaf falls off the ivy outside her window, she’ll go away, too. Sue is hopeless and asks for their old neighbour’s help. The doctor tells Sue that if Johnsy is to get well, she must get her mind on sth other than her sickness.
Mr.Behrman their neighbour is an unsuccessful artist who dreams of (one day) painting a masterpiece. Only one leaf remains on the vine now and even Mr. Behrman is worried. That night it will fall victim to the wind and rain.

Climax:That night Sue and their unique and surly neighbour Behrman, wait to see if Johnsy passes away. In the morning Sue opens the window to find the leaf there.At this point we wonder if the leaf is still there and what will happen to Johnsy if the leaf is not there any more.The hanging leaf inspires Johnsy to keep on fighting her illness and eventually she gets better.Johnsy thinks about her situation and convinces herself that fate caused the leaf to stay on the vine so that she wouldn’t die.With that change in her attitude Johnsy gradually gets well.

Resolution:Johnsy is inspired to live by the leaf’s presence and she recovers.She suddenly realizes that she has been sefish although her friends tried hard to help her recover, she didn’t try to fight her illness. She changes her attitude and gradually gets well.The doctor comes and verifies Johnsy’s recovery. The doctor

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