John 's Substance Abuse And Its Effects On The Family And Community

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Neither John, Gwen, nor Miguel began taking drugs with the intension of harming others. Nor were they aggressive or abusive by nature. Yet their long-term substance abuse harmed others, including family members, friends, and the communities in which they lived.
John’s substance abuse had negative consequences for his family and community. During his senior year of high school, however, he began smoking marijuana and drinking with his buddies. His grades fell, and he stopped talking about college. His parents assumed it was a phase he was going through. Soon he began taking methamphetamine; it made him feel “enlightened.” After high school, John got a job at a poultry processing plant. He drank and took drugs on weekends but was fired for calling in “sick” too often. Eventually John broke down under stress and confessed to his mother and stepfather and that he needed help. He also approached his employer’s human resources managers and told them he had a problem. His employers arranged for him to enter a 28-day rehab facility for substance abusers. Once he was outpatient part of program, he attended Alcoholics anonymous meetings. Yet, after six months of sobriety, he started drinking and using cocaine again. Late one night he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence.
Gwen’s drug abuse hurt her family and the members of her community. Gwen Byrd is living in a Howard Johnson’s motel room that she shares with her twelve year old son, Darrell. Although she is bright, well…

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