Essay John T. Washington And The New Literary Intellectualist

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The early 1900’s were a pivotal time in American and black history. The Great Migration in response to booming industrial era, would see black’s contributing more economically, and in war time battles. In knowing that such trappings would not last forever, black leadership would be more important than ever to ensure that black Americans would not fall by the wayside once again in the aftermath. Two leaders, the already known Booker T. Washington, and the new literary intellectualist W.E.B. Du Bois, would work in their own ways to pursue the needs of black Americans. Washington and Du Bios had individual t approaches to the social, economic and political problems faced by black Americans, however both black leaders played necessary and important roles in shaping their future.
Washington, was a biracial slave, and received vocational education rather than a college or higher education. Who would also became one of the most respected and influential black leaders in the eyes of white politicians and businessmen, with whom he built connections with, as the founder of the Tuskegee Institute. This institute was a vocational school limited to industrial and agricultural education, or those skills he believed would be seen as strong contributions to the American economy, while not being seen as a threat to white America (Hine, Hine, & Harrold, 2013, p. 405). His speech “Atlanta Compromise” is what got him termed as an “accomodationist strategist” (Aldridge, 2004), as he advocated…

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