John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men Essay

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Friendships have a tendency to differ from one another, depending on the people in them. Looking at a friendship from the outside, one may see it as healthy, and another may see it as unhealthy. In example, there is a particular friendship that can be found in John Steinbeck’s “ Of Mice and Men” novella. The friendship can be seen as possibly both, but I lean more into believing the friendship is healthy. In the novella, the two men in this debatable friendship, have many differences on their appearances and mental beings. George Milton is a small man who’s quick, with a dark and strong featured face. Every part of this man was defined. As for Lennie Small, he was a large bearlike creature which whom had almost shapeless features and wide sloping shoulders (Steinbeck 2). Despite their differences, they both travelled together as workers and companions.
George proves to be a good friend by trying to keeping Lennie out of big trouble. As seen the night before the two men reached the new farm they’d soon work on, George assigns a brush by where they’d slept as a meeting spot in which will be used if George is to get into any trouble (Steinbeck 15). George does so because Lennie has the mind of a child and some of his most innocent actions can be misred, and so then causing trouble. Such as the night where George and Lennie had to flee from their old town (Weed). While George wasn’t watching Lennie, Lennie decided to feel onto a girl’s dress. Once the girl noticed, she…

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