Essay John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men And The Pearl

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A Writer of the Classics

John Steinbeck, an author who Alameda Unified School District has approved of for years, shares strong ideas with English students at Alameda High. In John Steinbeck’s passages such as Of Mice and Men and The Pearl, set in the early 1900’s, he reaches out to the people among society who live without a voice and sends moral lessons to his readers. Of Mice and Men describes a setting during the Great Depression where two friends, Lennie and George, attempt to fulfill their American Dream by earning money from local workstations. On top of struggling with mental disabilities, Lennie’s problems with Curley, the boss’s son, add more problems to their endeavor. On the other hand, The Pearl voices the life of a family, consisting of parents, Kino and Juana, and their child, Coyotito, who face discrimination and dream of overcoming poverty. However, when a pearl that can change their lives forever tear them apart, Kino and Juana face dilemmas. Currently, Steinbeck shares meaningful messages through his stories which continuously provoke many readers, despite the age and setting of his parables. While others criticize his stories of being “sexist”, these stories provide allegories and perspectives of outsiders to readers, which proves the relevance Steinbeck continues to play in today’s diverse society.

Steinbeck’s moral lessons continuously share strong thoughts that readers should learn from. His stories share strong messages such as the ‘American…

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