John Proctor And Arthuraud In Sophocles's The Crucible

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“I would rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud,” Sophocles. This quotation says that he does not want to be successful being a fraud and that he will try to be honorable even if it makes him fail. This relates to The Crucible because Arthur Miller shows a lot of honor through many people one of them is John Proctor. In The Crucible Arthur Miller proves John Proctor is honorable because he’s brave, caring, and loyal. One way Arthur Miller shows John Proctor is honorable is that he is brave for risking his own life. For example, Rev. Hale, Parris, Danforth and John Proctor are talking about John’s confession and how he will be hanged if he does not accuse others. Hale wants him to confess so that he will not be hanged. “I can. And …show more content…
However, this does not make him unloyal because when John was about to confess and he saw Rebecca Nurse he realized that he doesn’t want to confess because he wants to save his friends. Since he is loyal to them. For example, when John is in the middle of confession and he see’s Rebecca Nurse come in (who hasn’t confessed) and she hears John say he saw the devil she’s astonished and does not believe it. Then Danforth asks John if he saw Rebecca with the devil, and if he saw Martha Corey with the devil as well. John says “They think to go like saints. I like not to spoil their names” (206). This quotation shows he is loyal because he knows if he rats out his friends and accuses them they will be hanged (unless they rat someone else out). Which would just be a domino effect, but him being so loyal he just takes it on himself and accepts death. He realizes that he finally thinks he is a good man so he just lets himself die to keep his good name and keep his friends safe for now. Another way he is loyal in addition, is that when Danforth, Parris, Hale and Proctor are talking in the court about why John’s in the court and what he is trying to do (which is save his wife). Danforth informs him that Elizabeth sent him a letter saying she is pregnant and that she will not be killed for another year at least. Danforth asks John if he will drop the charges, but he says he cannot. “These are my friends, their wives are also accused” (181). This quotation proves he is loyal because instead of just leaving because his wife is safe he decides to stay because his friends wives are in trouble and he wants to help them out. It also shows he’s loyal because if he would have left his own life would have been saved too but he risked it to help them and it ends up getting him killed. Even though John Proctor did cheat on his wife with Abigail, he is still

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