John Milton 's Paradise Lost Essay

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In order for a novel to be considered Gothic literature it has to have certain elements. Milton’s Paradise Lost exudes gothic characteristics. The first is Pandemonium. When Satan and his followers are banished to Hell, together they create Pandemonium.
Gothic literature is really all about intense emotion and the confusion between good and evil. Powerful emotion is clearly evident in Paradise Lost as there is a constant grasping or pushing and pulling with good and evil, God and Satan. The way John Milton wrote the text it would seem as though his intent is to confuse the audience as far as who is the hero and the villain.
Throughout the novel, we get various passages that would seem to be indicative of Satan’s jealousy. The first instance is in Book One. The reason that Satan gathered up fellow angels to start a war is because he was jealous of the Son. Similarly to actual religious texts, John Milton makes it very plain in the novel that God and the Son are two separate entities. The Son or as some call him, Jesus was somewhat of the vessel to save humanity. The Son was more of God’s right hand or like “the golden kid”. Satan was envious and did not think that it was fair, so he tried to fight. Despite what most would say, I actually feel like this jealousy makes Satan out to be more of a hero as opposed to a villain. In order to be jealous if someone, one would have to care about said person. One have to have some kind of fear or anxiety about losing said person. So,…

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