John Hawkins: Renaissance Admiral During The Renaissance

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John Hawkins: Renaissance admiral

John Hawkins was an English admiral and privateer during the Renaissance. He spent majority of his adult life as a slave trader and, eventually, helped defeat the Spanish Armada (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). Hawkins, an admiral during the Renaissance, made a large difference during the time that he was alive.

Hawkins, born in 1532 in Plymouth, England (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). He originally began his life as a merchant and later became the first English slave trader (Britannica School). Later in life, he became an admiral and privateer (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). In 1560, he had a son named Richard Hawkins (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir Richard”). His son died in 1622 (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir Richard”). After John Hawkins died, his son later went on to command a ship on Francis Drake’s raid on the Spanish during 1585. During 1588, he was a ship captain during the Armada Campaign. (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir Richard”).

John Hawkins did a number of things, starting
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In 1950, he made a trip across the Azores, in search of the Spanish silver fleet (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). It is said that he died on a trip to the West Indies (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). The day of his death was November 12, 1595 (Britannica School). On this expedition, he was with Sir Francis Drake (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir Richard”). He and Drake were in command of about twenty-seven ships, prepared to raid the West Indies. He was said to die the night before an unsuccessful attack (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”).

John Hawkins, an admiral and privateer during the Renaissance, lived his life in the beginning as a merchant. He later had a son who continued on in his footsteps, being a ship captain during the Armada Campaign. John Hawkins later sold slaves and eventually began a war with the Spanish, helping in defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588. Later, he died in 1595 during a raid in the West Indies

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