John Green Essay

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Maggie Becerra
Mrs. Pace
English 11B: Period 5
30 April 2012 Within The Depths of Nerdfighteria There are numerous authors in the world that live to serve some impact. Specifically upon readers of course, where all of their work can be praised eternally. Words among other words get jumbled together and allow imagination to be used freely within the contents of the novels. Now since there are many writers that can be noticed for their lasting contributions, there is one novelist that can stand out against many. Not only is he an author but he spends his time making an effort in what can be done to focus on the greater good in the world such as contributing to donations around the world to help others. His novels all convey an
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The novel was originally set to release in May 2012, but due to high order of demand it was able to be viewed by the public by January 10th. This was a relief to most sincere there are numerous positive reviews reflecting upon the entire book. Green is extremely involved with his fan base, and has the ability to interact with everyone throughout his Social Networking sites and most wholeheartedly, through his novels as well. As he remarks, “I’m ultimately much more passionate about writing and books, but I really love YouTube and the community that’s built up around our videos,” Green says. One example, “We’re one of the largest groups that donate to Kiva, a microfinance website that makes loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. We’ve loaned more than $100,000 in the last six months. Books are great, but you can’t have a visceral connection to changing the world, and doing stuff that makes you feel better about being a person. It’s a different kind of work.” (A Signature Move Pays Off For John Green). He is not afraid to interact with others, and continues to strive to improve all of his diverse works one step at a time. Even if he may be perceived as a beginner for someone who has only been writing for a few years, John definitely has a way with words and is more ahead than most. As for how his life has affected his work, his most recent book, The Fault In Our Stars

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