Essay on John Dewey 's Views On Education

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John Dewey: His Attributions to Progressive Education
Thinking back to the age-old days, education seemed to have this stagnate tang. Education was portrayed in a way that was austere and not very intriguing. This meaning that the students throughout this time period had no true way of expression; everything was communicated at them instead of with them. John Dewey’s efforts shaped how education transformed lives. This transformation lead society into a more modern time and put more emphasis on the children. Schooling has evolved overtime due to the effects of John Dewey’s life, theories, and views of Progressive education.
The perpetuity of John Dewey’s life was incomparable to he advances he made in education. He continuously learned what he produced by constructing it. This proactive learning stemmed from his childhood upbringing. Dewey’s life began as another life was previously taken away. Jay Martin (2002) stated, “A.S. Dewey, has lost his oldest child by a distressing casualty”. His parents had experienced a grief like no other; therefore, John Dewey was replacing a void for his parents. In these moments, his parents had not realized what they had done. They created standards that pushed John Dewey into his first life crisis. The Education of John Dewey: A Biography written by Jay Martin (2002) stated, “The living child may experience his or her special duties as burdens. If he is melancholy by temperament, this is unlucky, for he will feel the responsibilities of…

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