Essay about Job Hazard Analysis On Identifying And Controlling Hazards

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There are many things that could come into mind when you hear “Job Hazard Analysis.” To me, I look at it as being work related. Job Hazard Analysis basically deals with what goes in the workplace. According to the article by George Swartz, “Job Hazard Analysis: A primer on identifying and controlling hazards, it says, “Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a multi-step process designed to study and analyze a task—or job--then break down that task into steps which provide a means of eliminating associated hazards(Swartz). Once a job is viewed upon, job hazards could bring about many complications; it takes time to remove them. The purpose of Job Hazard Analysis is to analyze each job in each occupation within a facility in order to develop safe working procedures (Eninger). As an example, my daughter works in a fast food restaurant where she has a lot of involvement with safety hazards. In the restaurant, she has to be of a certain age to work back line on the slicer to slice up the beef. This is part of a safety hazard because if something happens to her while she is back there, then it would fall on the job. Another prime example of this would be when a janitor cleans any part of the building by mopping the floors. A safety hazard for this would be that there are no “Wet Floor” signs out. Anyone can notice that the floors are wet, but it may be at the very last minute. It is better for them to see a sign firsthand, then it would not result in a lawsuit for the company. Being in…

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