Jimi Hendrix Essay

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Best known for his ground breaking achievements in guitar techniques involving feedback manipulation, Jimi Hendrix was a legendary Rock 'n Roll musician, singer and song-writer. Jimi’s first instrument was a rubbished, single string ukulele with which he still played with inspiration from hearing Elvis Presley songs. With hard work and dedication, at age 15 to his then first guitar he joined a band, the ‘Velvetones’ and after upgrading to an electric better he was accused of flaunting which compromised his membership in the band. After joining the Army he continued with his passion for the guitar and played with a fellow serviceman Billy Cox. After they both got out of the Army and moved to Tennessee. By the end of 1965, Jimi …show more content…
He passed on one year later. Woodstock in 1969 is historically the most popular even in musical history, characterized famously by Rock N’ Roll, sex and drugs. It was a 3 day concert that rolled over into a fourth day. After it was declared a free concert, half a million people showed up. It was a time that was synonymized with “Hippies” and “free love” and a social movement that profoundly mixed the new sounds of rock n' roll, fashion design and social behavior along with the at that time on going strong vocal political protests against US Government and the Vietnam war. After listening to the Woodstock performance I am of the opinion that the song is highly dependent on the rhythm of the drums. The drums and its coupling with the guitar produce the harmony that drives the song. Polyphonic texture is used throughout as the guitar and the drums play different melodies. The changing form is signaled by the feedback and the drums. The feedback of the guitar gives rise to a few moments of dissonant sounds. The color of the guitar and the drums are very distinct. The tone and pitch of the Guitar change during the transition or guitar- bridge from the verses. Vocals are not the highlight of the song. A line is sung then the melody is played during the verse and is in this way also similar to that of the chorus. However the chorus has a different guitar melody than the verses’. In the verse there is a

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