Jim Crow Laws Effects

Effects of the Jim Crow laws
The origin of the Jim Crow laws came from a play when whites would paint their faces black and make very racist remarks about the blacks behaviour and culture. Eventually this led to the laws getting passed by the government and the segregation began. These laws led to many conflicts throughout the American history. Many laws were created as a way to make the black people inferior to the whites. Jim Crow laws led political, economical and social oppression.
Once the United States adopted the Jim Crow laws, it sparked social effects to the black’s lives. The white people attempted to completely separate the whites from the blacks, they wanted to make the blacks inferior to them. One of the first alterations, were
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The laws didn’t allow the blacks to have total freedom, although they technically were free from slavery. The government made the decision to ignore their freedom and placed the laws only on the non-whites. The whites hatred for blacks caused violence that arose during those times. These laws which made the blacks inferior to the whites, this compelled them to eventually start to protest and riot. At around 1882, many black people started to get lynched, as the number began to increase throughout the years, the more violent the citizens got. At the beginning of the 1900’s, Atlanta was described as an exemplary city of how the two races could live together in peace. A mob of white men killed and beat over 100 black people for no valid reason. (4) This shows how the conflict between the two races was getting bigger and each race grew a bigger hate towards one another. There was a bigger tension between them which provoked more violence. As a result of the Jim Crow laws, the hatred between the two races was increasing which continuously led more riots. One of them being the Tulsa riot. This is an example of the power that the white people had because they could accuse anyone of committing a crime without having reasons or evidence. Having a black youth accused of trying to assault a white woman, resulted in a public lynching, this caused the blacks to have an outburst and try to stop the lynching from happening, this caused the white people to react negatively to this. Once the violence started and a few white men were killed, “Thousands of whites rampaged through the black community, killing men and women, burning and looting stores and homes”.(5). The whites reacted very violently to the blacks that attempted to stop the lynchings, they ended up killing nearly four times more black people than there were whites killed. At the end of this, mainly black rioters were arrested and barely any white

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