Essay on Jihad Is A Very Fluid Term Within Islam

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Jihad is a very fluid term within Islam. The term can be interpreted in many ways. The word “Jihad” is Arabic in origin and means “exerting the best efforts” or overcoming a “struggle” in order to reach a common goal. Jihad does not necessarily imply violence and does not mean “holy war” but has been interpreted as doing so. Islam is meant to be a religion of peace and respect for all life. There is a constant argue as to what Jihad really means and it is a widely misunderstood term with many meanings.
The four common types of Jihad: Jihad of the heart/soul, Jihad by the tongue/pen, Jihad by the hand, and Jihad by the sword. All of the types of Jihad other than Jihad by hand do not require violence. Jihad of the heart/soul refers to the internal fight within the evils of one 's self. Jihad by tongue/pen is in reference to spreading Islam and Jihad by the hand is defending Islam through actions such as protests. This is the closest form of Jihad to Jihad by the sword. Jihad by the sword is what references holy war. This is the Jihad meaning that is mainly focused on by those who do not practice Islam. It is commonly believed that Jihad by the sword is the only definition of Jihad and many do not know about the other forms of Jihad or that Jihad can be a peaceful concept. It is the most feared form of Jihad as well. This form of Jihad is the only form of warfare that is permitted by Sharia Law and is under very strict restrictions.
Islam is not only a religion but is also a…

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