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Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

I. Introduction: The Plan

About this Document 1 What a Disaster Plan Is and Why You Should Do One 2 Possible Disasters 4 Assign a Team—You Can’t Create a Plan Alone 6

II. Analyze & Know Your Organization

Determine Your Critical Services & Functions 8 Where is Your Information Stored? 10 Computers & Technology 15 Know Your Physical Plant 18

III. Risk Analysis 19

IV. Business Impact Analysis 20

V. Implement the Resources 21

VI. Test the Plan 22

VII. Insurance 23

VIII. Personnel Policies & Crisis Communications 25

IX. Advice from the Red Cross 28

X. Emergency Planning Checklist 30

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In creating a disaster plan, don’t become overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. Work on it in sections, doing first the things that seem most important — e.g., personnel, computer/IT, etc. — and as time allows. The most important thing is to make some plans that can be implemented in the event of an interruption.

This document was drawn from a series of disaster planning and recovery seminars given for NPCC by the following individuals and/or reviewed by: American Red Cross of Greater New York; William Krouslis; Allen Breslow, Esq.; Joshua Peskay and Kim Snyder, Fund for the City of New York; Ken Liebman and Jack Stravidis, Frank Crystal & Company; John Burke, AIG; Bob Bender; Marcia Brown. Daniel Myers, compiler.

This project was made possible with funding from Japan Relief Fund of The New York Community Trust.

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What a Disaster Recovery Plan Is — And Why You Should Do One

Whatever one chooses to call it — disaster planning, emergency preparedness, or business continuity (and experts note that there are differences) — the goals are ultimately the same: to get an organization back up and running in the event of an interruption. The problem causing the interruption could be one computer crashing or an entire

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