Jetblue 's Benefits Of Jetblue Essay

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AZ to MD JFK to NY CA to FL

JetBlue $ - $188 $842

Southwest $456 $ - $898

Delta $846 $272 $1,626

American $403 $374 $721

1. Based on the research it appears JetBlue has lower prices compared to its competitors. JetBlue did not have available flights from Phoenix to Baltimore on October 25th. JetBlue’s base is JFK in New York. When JetBlue was able to lock in JFK as their base they gained an advantage over its competitors. Many of the low cost competitors did not do business out of New York because it was expensive. JFK was the center for international flights and the CEO of JetBlue thought that it would not face much domestic competition. JetBlue has done a variety of things to be different from its competitors like buying more expensive planes that would last longer and be more fuel efficient, the planes were equipped with leather seats compared to cloth seats, and they offered snacks instead of meals. This differentiation allows JetBlue to offer premium services at lower fares which is an advantage. For the most part JetBlue is the lowest cost carrier in the industry.

2. Threat of Entry is low as LLCs keep mounting on. Even major airline, such as United has LCC of their own. It is very easy to enter the airline industry if you already have the resources. The FSA (Full Service Airline) has attempted to take away the market share of LLCs to control the…

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