Jesus Miracles And The Miracles Essay

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Jesus Miracles

In beginning Jesus or Son of God, as Christian people love to call him that, he appears on this earth in miracle none of mankind hears it before at their time. So before presenting Jesus miracles and before mentioning stories of his miracles, I would to take you on this introduction in short seal over Jesus, life, born and how he is a miracle by himself. Jesus born in Bethlehem, he was born around 6 B.C. he has a mother call Mary, and she was a virgin, she also was a virgin when she was a pregnant with Jesus and this incident exotic is the prof that how Jesus was miracle by himself and he was not like any human on this earth Mary got pregnant through divine action, angel Gabriel came to Mary and said to her the holy sprit will come upon you, and the high power will cover you. (Luke 1:26-35). This type of pregnant made Jesus a special than any mankind, and raises his value to become Son of God.

Jesus miracles are many and it is mentioned in several holy books like Quran and Bible, regardless about disagreement how Jesus ability to dose his miracles between these two books and religions but there are many agreements about many miracles that happen on ground. The first miracle was when Jesus came to wadding in Galil,he showed up with his mother. The wine in wadding was gone, so his mother said to him the wine was gone. Mary ordered to slaves to do whatever Jesus tells them. Slaves hold six stone water jars, so Jesus told them to put water…

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