Jesus Christ, God And God Essay

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Our Salvation is an inseparable link to faith in Jesus Christ. That is why it is so important to determine biblically who Jesus Christ is. Is Jesus God in the flesh? Or was he just a man? The Book of Acts contributes many things to help support the deity of Christ, such as he is worshiped, He bears the names and titles of deity, He has the same life giving power that God has, and he shed his own blood. Jesus Christ bears the name and titles of deity in the book of Acts in by showing that God made Jesus Lord and Christ. Lord translated in Greek is Kurio which is used mostly as the equivalent of Yahweh of the Old Testament. In Acts it is used of Jesus Christ meaning God or Deity. By using the word Lord and connecting it to the Old Testament use of it you can clearly see how that Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus possesses the same life giving power that God has. The power to bring life from death is exclusive to divinity. The connection between the book of Joel and Act helps us to see the example of the life giving power that God and Jesus possesses. Both passages show how we are to receive salvation Joel uses the name Lord while Acts uses the name Jesus Christ. The same verse found in Joel is used by Peter in the Book of Acts. In the Book of Joel were are to call on the Lord which means Jehovah or Yahweh, for salvation In the Book of Acts salvation is found in the name of Jesus Christ. These verse are a prime example of use of different names that help…

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