Jesse Owens Role Model

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Not Just A Legion But also An Inspiration Imagine being the only African American on a college track and field team and also being the best of the best. Jesse Owens was this star athlete. Owens was not only a star athlete, but he was an inspiration to many people in this time. Being an African American star athlete in the early 1930’s came with difficulties; however, Jesse Owens was always eager to learn, was determined to accomplish, and confident in what he did best. Jesse Owens was the best of the best, but he never took that to his head. Owens was always eager to learn. While Owens was in high school the track and field coach, Charles Riley, approached him. Riley was amazed with how Owens was proportioned, and also how fast he could …show more content…
Owens showed this trait multiple times. When Owens was in high school he worked everyday after school to provide for his family. While Owens worked everyday after school, his team members would attend practice. Owens could not attend the team practices. Riley and Owens would get up extra early during the week before school and Owens would practice. This takes a lot of determination because Owens would get up, go to practice, go to school, and then go to work everyday. This is a lot for a high school student and takes a lot of determination. However, when Owens went to Ohio State for college. His college coach, Larry Snyder, was a lot like Riley. He knew that there was something special about Owens. Owens attended a meet while at Ohio State. He had hurt his back a couple of days before his meet. Snyder begged Owens not to compete because it could later become a bigger injury. Owens had the determination to bear through the pain and compete. By the end of the meet Owens broke three world records. This is the first time someone has ever-broke three world records in one day. Owens was filled with determination. People believed Owens determination would later take him to the Olympics. Owens may be determined in what he did best, but he was also confident. Being the only African American on a team in high school and college would be tough for anyone. When Owens was at Ohio State, he got voted to be the track and

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