Jenny Sat Down Next At Her Best Friend Abby For Lunch Essay

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Jenny sat down next to her best friend Abby for lunch. Jenny was super excited she got an “A” on that super hard Ethics exam they took the day before and couldn’t wait to share the news with Abby. Abby quietly sat down at the lunch table as Jenny began to exclaim, “Abby, I not only passed the Ethics exam but I received an ‘A’!”
Abby’s face instantly soured. “How on God’s green earth did you get an ‘A’, Jennie?” Jenny began to reply, “Becau—“Abby cut her off, her face getting even more contorted. “I studied for WEEKS for that exam while you went out and partied and somehow you get an ‘A’? I FAILED!”
Jenny was starting to get offended. “Well, you should’ve just made a cheat sheet like me and you could’ve passed too!”
Abby was frozen with shock. “You cheated?” She asked quietly.
Jenny arrogantly replied, “Well, duh. I didn’t get caught. Who cares?”
Abby’s face looked like Jenny had just told her she was doing drug deals. “I am so disappointed in you, Jenny.” Abby replied sadly. “So you’re saying you don’t care that your actions suck? You just care that you got a good grade?” She asked.
“Uhm, Exactly?” Jenny replied. “You would’ve done it too but you’re too scared of getting caught.” Jenny remarked sassily. “If you could go back in time you would not cheat on the test?” She asked.
“Absolutely not!” Abby replied. “Are you an Egoist, Jennie?” She asked genuinely curious.
“What’s that?” Jennie asked.
Abby rolled her eyes. “Of course you wouldn’t know. You didn’t study. An Egoist…

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