Jeffrey Dahmer Theory

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Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1990. Jeffrey Dahmer displayed troubling behavior before and after surgery. He committed his first murder in 1978 and was arrested multiple of times before his second victim. In addition to killing the men and teenage boys he lured home, Jeffrey also mutilated, photographed and performed sexual acts on the victims’ corpses, keeping the body parts as mementos. Dahmer was captured and was sentenced 16 years in prison, but a fellow cellmate killed him.
In the early stages of Jeffrey, he was described as a very happy and energetic child until the age of 4. When surgery was performed to correct a double hernia that seemed to change the boy. Sayings he was noticeably subdued, he became
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Jeffrey Dahmer had issues that are now psychologically being discovered and medicine is being made for those issues so that nothing like what Jeffrey had done happened again. Some reasons why are, On July 22,1991, 2 police officers walked into the flat of Jeffrey Dahmer, only to discover one of the most horrific crime scenes in history, Blue tub and a freezer were used to store various body parts, Dahmer took pictures of his victims in various stages of dismemberment for his own pleasure, and Found in Dahmer’s kitchen were four severed heads, total of 7 were either painted or bleached and all were found in his bedroom in a …show more content…
Jeffrey’s killing escalade had continued until one week when he was unable to keep his 18th victim, Tracie Edwards. Tracie fought against Dahmer until he was able to run. He had ran into some police around midnight.Assuming how he had escaped he explained to the officers why he was running this late at night. Edwards explained to the cops that Jeffrey tried to handcuff him, but he did get away.

Where it took place….. According to, Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment was just like any other apartment, besides the point that he killed 16 men there. It had a freezer,bathroom, bedroom and living room. Some people are scared to live in the apartment that he had lived in because that's where he killed those people. According to, Pamela Bass can’t g a day single without thinking about the man she lived next door to in Milwaukee and who once gave her a sandwich.

Where he store the body parts..... According to, Jeffrey Dahmer stored his “ Food”, in a big tub which he tortured his many victims in.Another place where he did store his victims in a fridge. He did this because he had many issues and he didn’t understand what he was doing. He also stored them in his closet in his

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