Jealousy: The Root Cause Of Bullying

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The root cause of bullying is best understood by examining issues at home such as; neglectful care giving, an auspicious role model and corrosive emotional issues. In an aim to understand the core reason for bullying, do not feel that by any means such behavior is being dismissed rather, it is being addressed. However, a remedy shall be discovered through knowledge and understanding.
Walking down a path, grasping ideas as to what would cause a child to become a bully, we first come upon neglect. Although it is a popular term and common culprit, it is an often misunderstood term. Neglect, surprisingly, may come in many forms. Some parents pride themselves on spoiling their children, giving the child every material thing the child desires. But,
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A child may suffer from emotional disabilities that lead to feelings of jealousy toward other children. The child may feel that being different hiders them from managing a healthy relationship with other children. Additionally, a child that lives with a stigma is compelled to ruin the happiness of others out of envy. Jealousy and spite fuel bullying behavior and aggression, such damaging feelings are directed toward a child that seems to have happiness that, the bully cannot achieve within themselves. The child lacks in a set of healthy core values that result in the absence of confidences, thus jealousy emerges. Emotional issues may be a result of a traumatic experience, hence resulting in trust issues. The loss of a parent or loved one may provoke a child to become destructive in nature. The impact of such a cataclysmic event leaves a child struggling with a feeling of being left behind. A traumatized child may lash out at individuals who seem to lack understanding for their misfortune. Although this may seem like another form of jealousy, fear is at the core of a traumatized child. Children, like adults, fear what they do not understand or cannot fully comprehend. Acting out of fear is a behavior that stems from a need to defend themselves out of concern for being hurt or having trust issues. Being afraid or thinking one is abnormally different from everyone else, create boundaries within the child that dissolve their ability to relate to other children in a healthy

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