Jazz : The Most Influential Forms Of Music Essay

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Jazz is known as one of the most influential forms of music in the history of the United States. Jazz began when one of the most historical wars, World War I, had just ended. It has many origins, from New Orleans to Kansas City to Memphis. New Orleans is the main center from where many of the influential pieces and origins were located. A big part of the development of jazz came from a lot of people who went to many bars and warehouses. What had made jazz be seen as a different perspective of its own traditional music was its own act of improvising. The first of the jazz bands contained pieces of different instruments to make a unique sound. Some of those instruments include, drums, banjos, string bass, and even guitars. A lot of the song wring writers would write down their songs on a piece of paper, and the jazz musicians would try their best to play the music to the best of their ability. In 1917, it was an important year for Jazz because it was the start of the “Jazz Age” when the Navy had closed down a neighborhood named Storyville in the city of New Orleans. In 1922, many record companies became persuaded that the African American musicians would be very popular with the consumer market. “Mamie Smith encouraged the production of the first race records with her early blues recordings with Okeh Records. The Okeh Record Corporation was one of the first record companies to target the urban African American working-class. Mamie Smith became the first African American…

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