Music's Influence On Modern Day Music

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Where did modern day music really originate from? Does it date as far back as the stone ages? Or is it more recent like the past century or so? Well, one of my favorite music styles has been around for many years, and it is one of the most soul-full types of music there is. Not only is the twentieth century Jazz the most soul-full genre of music, but it is also the biggest contributor to modern day music. From Dixieland to Swing to Bebop, Jazz has shaped the latest music styles into what they are today.
Dixieland is one of the most popular Jazz genres there was in the beggining of the twentieth century. It is also one of the most fun styles of Jazz to listen to. Most of us recognize this style of music when we think of a small ensemble wearing the red and white ragtime vests in a carnival trolly. This style is made up of smaller ensembles, for they consist of a Trumpet, Clarinet, Trombone, and a two instrument rhythm section. Dixieland is more well known to be originated from New Orleans, and that is where they are still popular today. Each set consisted of collective improvisations, or many improvised solos, where everyone took turns and gave their own interpretation of what they heard, felt, or even saw. That was the beauty of Dixieland; one could express
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Well, Bebop still lives through many rock bands today. There are many bands out there that like to play at very fast tempos which are hard to dance to. For example Kryptonite by Three Doors down runs with a 198 BPM (beats per minute), and that is pretty fast to dance to! Today we use these fast paced songs to work out, for they get us moving in a faster pace than dancing. Bebop is also very famous into crontributing to the stronger back beat of modern day music. This means that the second and fourth beat of the mesaure are very strong and exaggerated, and that’s how all if not most music music feels like

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