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The world that reveals itself to Charlie is one in which apparently contradictory views and behaviours enjoy a snug coexistence. As in To Kill A Mockingbird, the people of Corrigan are capable of holding antithetical views in comfortable harmony. Thus, when Jasper leads the local football team to victory after victory: Page 3 of 17

‘The folks who watch Jasper play, who barrack for him like he was one of their own, are the same ones who might cut their eyes at him should he walk their way a few hours after the game. But they’ll smile and cheer and shake their heads in wonderment if he takes a run through the centre or if he nails one from the pocket. His teammates too. They’ll surround him and scruff at his hair in celebration, they’ll applaud and pat his arse, but once the game is over, the pattern returns. He’s back to being shunned by the boys and privately reviled and privately adored by the girls’ (p. 60) When the Sergeant who savagely beat Jasper comes to Charlie’s house and is comforting and familiar, Charlie has a difficult time reconciling these different versions of him: ‘I remember thinking that if I hadn’t seen the cuts and bruises on Jasper’s face for myself, I wouldn’t have thought for
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