Jasper Jones Essay

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Jasper Jones Essay

Charlie Bucktin learns a great deal about himself, others, Corrigan and important lessons that will help him live a better life in Jasper Jones. In the novel, Charlie goes through some experiences that teach him some of life’s great lessons. In particular he comes to learn a great deal about trust, love, facing and overcoming fear, role models and racial prejudice.

Charlie learns that trust is the most important thing in Corrigan and also his life. Charlie hadn’t ever trusted someone as much as he did Jasper Jones. The town believed Jasper to be a liar, thief, a bad influence and many other things, and they all knew especially not to trust him. When Laura went missing, Corrigan believed Jasper had something to do
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But he learns that not always doing what your told and listening to what everyone says is going to be for the best. Jasper and Charlie did it all by themselves and discovered the truth without telling anyone which may have lead to them getting in trouble. Charlie was scared of sneaking out at night because of the trouble he would get in, especially if his parents or the town knew it was with Jasper. But he faced that fear and it turned out good. He was also afraid of the judgement Corrigan would show him if he had been hanging out with Jasper and sneaking out as they are a very judgemental town and believe that if it is not what they want or think is right, then it is wrong, and the town would have hated Charlie for being with Jasper and even hiding the truth if they found out about that. Charlie also faced the fear of his parents and finally started standing up to them and back chatting on things he didn’t agree with. This showed bravery as he knew his parents would punish him but he learnt that facing your main fears will only help you later in life, so he should start facing them young. Facing your fears is probably the most important life lesson to learn as it really help you grow up and gain maturity. Charlie faces his main fears at a young age and later in his life, he will be able to take risks and have more confidence in decisions in life.

Charlie also comes to learn

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