Essay about Japanese During World War II

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"A gigantic fleet has amassed in Pearl Harbor. This fleet will be utterly crushed with one blow at the very beginning of hostilities. Heaven will bear witness to the righteousness of our struggle"
–November 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy Rear-Admiral Ito
The Japanese during World War Two believed that they were a divine race meant to rule over the rest of the world as shown by the quote from Admiral Ito, stating that Japan believed that there war was a righteous struggle and that the heavens would witness that there war was righteous. During World War Two Japans goal was to conquer all of the pacific because that was there holy mission, the only thing stopping them was America and the countries that were resisting Japans rule. The Japanese fought a physical battle against America but also a psychological war. One part of World War Two that many people don’t know about today is the PSYOP or psychological operations organizations. The purpose of PSYOP is the spreading of information that impacts a person’s state of mind, and an example of this is the Japanese spreading of propaganda to their own citizens and other countries citizens to impact their views of the war. Japans PSYOP’s programs focused on educating their citizens through propaganda so that they believed that they were a divine race and that they were going to win the war by having a superior spirit and conquering the pacific. However when Japan was trying to spread propaganda to other countries it was mostly…

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