Jane Mcgonigal 's : Gaming Can Make A Better World Essay

1046 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
I chose to watch and evaluate Jane McGonigal’s : Gaming can make a better world. Jane has worked for the gaming industry to over 10 years developing new ideas and way to get kids more involved in gaming. This topic was one that struck home because I myself love to play video games and I also live within a household that is very involved in playing video games as well. In return this helped me prepare to listen to the speech. It helped to warm me up and get ideas flowing about why it would benefit us so much to play video games. And not only did Jane portray this through out her speech she used many patterns to help us get interested with her topic as well. Her topic was to try to “make it as easy to save the world in real life as it is to save in online games” her point being that we at this point play around 3 billion hours of online gaming but if we played over 21 billion hours this would help us as a human race significantly. Why, you ask? Well thats a good question her reasoning behind it was that it teaches us life long lessons that will make us more confident and accomplish more within our lives. You can see the pattern of organization she is starting within her speech at this point she is giving us the problem and then solution. She does this many times through out her entire speech. She starts with the little stuff like why we need to be listening to her and then moves to the big stuff like how we could change the entire world for the better. Jane choose this…

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