Jane Eyre 's Role Of Women Essay

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The general idea of the role of women was to be in other words, either a stay at home mom, or a working mom still subordinate to men. Jane 's commitment to dignity, independence, freedom of choice, unwillingness to submit to a man 's emotional power and willingness to speak her mind were fostered by some female characters in the novel. She uses herself and others to speak her opinions on women’s rights. With that, To a great extent Bronte addresses the impediments which holds women from becoming independent and breaking away from the "traditional" or ideal woman. Preceding the 19th Century, the time span in which Jane Eyre was written, the role of women, the role of the poor, differed greatly than that of which our standards are set at today. Bronte sees the faults which existed in the social hierarchy in the 19th century. The barrier between rich and poorer was only expanding and becoming larger, so mistreat becomes more common and justifiable. So to a small extent, Jane utilizes the relationship between Mrs.Reed and herself to show the the mistreatment and degradation of anyone within the lower working class.

To a greater extent, Bronte mentions the roadblocks which do not allow women, in this case jane, to truly use their full potential. The growing industrial revolution of the nineteenth century created a new image of an ideal women. In the upper classes, women were to be educated, but not work, rather stay home and care for the kids. However, in the lower class women…

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