Jane Eyre And Antoinette Cosway Essay

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Jane Eyre and Antoinette Cosway, two ill-fated women, across the world from each other, have had equally miserable childhoods. Both grappled with various economic and social hurdles, shared a similarly hard childhood with the loss of a parent or both, not accepted in society, yet grew up to be Mrs. Rochesters. Both were loved by the same man at one point or the other and collided with harm as a result. What Jean Rhys attempts through her adaptation, however, is to try to challenge the reader into reassessing the characters and long accepted notions of events and question everything. In my opinion, reading both books transforms the reader from a passive observer to an active scrutinizer of both tales. This transformation augments Linda Hutcheon’s premise to think of adaptations as evolutions of stories over time(pg.31). We examine how Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea, is a ‘recontextualization’ of the traits and actions of a creole woman that had been stripped of wealth, home and identity. A study of the conflict of cultures and the quandary that coexists with mysticism and paranoia often labels of the foreign or even the unknown who is in this case, Antoinette Cosway/ Bertha Mason. In addition, the multiview narration in Rhys’ adaptation conveys the story more uniformly than Bronte’s first person narration. According to the Theory of Adaptation, there is often an underlying compelling reason for the development of adaptation and in this case, I feel Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea,…

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