Jane, By Jane Eyre Essay examples

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In the Victorian Age in England, many new ideas were in the air, but unfortunately for most, those ideas were being locked up and left for individuals to deal with. One of the upcoming ideals that was floating around was the idea that a women could possibly be an independent human and it not be found out of the ordinary. Commonly, if we look back in history, women are “supposed” to be married. It is a part of life, where the woman leaves the home and serves the man she marries, but if a woman were to avoid this, she may be considered an old hag who is an outcast from society. However in the Victorian Age, many woman did not want to submit the rest of their lives to a man, and became weary of the idea of marriage. They could either marry and submit to their husbands, or work for themselves and be independent. In Jane Eyre, Jane is faced with such a challenge, and in the last part of the book, Jane has to make her final decision on whether she should go back to Rochester, a man who loved her but had a previous wife and mistresses, or go away with another man who she does not love to do missionary work. Throughout this section we are able to finally see who Jane Eyre really is and who she wants to be. First, we will look at the moment Jane decided to go back to Rochester and leave her cousin St. John to do his missionary work alone in India. Jane does so in a passionate conversation with St. John where she says the only way she would leave to India with him is as an assistant,…

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