Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice Essays

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Elizabeth Bennet, a character in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has a reputation as a beautiful girl who is intelligent and is raised from a family of five sisters. Her reputation comes from her family, in which she is mostly influenced on shaping her identity and who she really is. However, later in her life, her dignity and inherited reputation are changed by external influences. Fortunately, her change by external sources were positive. On the other hand, a celebrity, Britney Spears, had her reputation ruined through her drunkenness and lewd acts. These actions that she has brought upon herself have affected her and people who love her. Let alone, her actions led her to act like that, but she was genuinely a kind-hearted person, and a woman who needed love. In another similar case to Britney, is Anthony Weiner. He was a successful politician, but he was abdicated of his position because of his irrational decision to send explicit pictures of himself to different women for three years. He was fired from his position once the government found the truth of him sending pictures to many women on twitter. In fact, one’s own self-esteem and reputation are always affected by one’s lifetime events, or one’s own choice in daily life decisions. However, reputation neither portray a person’s true temperament or persona. Often time, whether the reputation is well-established or notorious, it discourages a person and deceive people and oneself from knowing who he/she really is.

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