Jane Austen 's Novel ' Pride And Prejudice ' Essay

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Letter writing occurs as a beneficial tool in conveying information, as it possess many uses. In everyday activity letter writing may not occur but during the time of Pride and Prejudice friends and family communicated using letters. Personalities show by word choice and tone. The inner most thoughts maybe exposed by how the character expresses themselves. In the world we live in, the faster technology preforms the better, we want information as quickly as possible. Jane Austen uses epistolary or letter form in Pride and Prejudice to express the differing personalities of the characters, how the innermost thoughts and theme are revealed, and how communication changes in society. Austen reveals personalities of characters using epistolary form. She implies their personalities by using different styles of writing and expressing their levels of intelligence. Lydia acts reckless and unintelligent. She writes a letter to Colonel Forster’s wife explaining what she plans to partake in. This shows how reckless Lydia acts because she left town with Wickham when they took part in no wedding yet. Lydia’s actions may destroy her family’s reputation. Lydia also writes Elizabeth a letter after she marries Mr. Darcy. In this letter she asks for money from Darcy and Elizabeth. Lydia married Wickham for his looks, like Mr. Bennet married Mrs. Bennet, rather than the real him and Wickham married Lydia for her money, like Mrs. Bennet married Mr. Bennet. Austen reveals Jane’s personality by…

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