Essay on Jane Austen 's Life And Romance

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Jane Austen was not known for her interesting or memorable life. Many label her life as “uneventful” or “dull.” The stories she creates in her novels seem as if they couldn’t be any more different from her own life. Jane Austen’s novels are exciting and full of romance and adventure. Jane Austen never married, but she did yearn for a husband, someone for her to love. At first glance Jane Austen’s life had no similarities to her novels, but her experiences did influence her writing. Jane Austen was born in a town called Steventon on December 16, 1776 (Craik 187). Her parents were George Austen and Cassandra Leigh Austen. She had six older brothers, one younger brother, and one sister only a year older. The Austen was a family of the “lesser gentry”; they weren’t rich but the family had many connections that put them at the same level of their richer neighbors (Shields 15). In 1801 there was an upset to Jane Austen’s peaceful life in Steventon. Her parents decided to move them to the city of Bath (Shields 98). It is suspected that the Austen parents moved to Bath in order to find their two unmarried daughters husbands (Shields 100). They were unsuccessful. Jane Austen did not write at all during the moving period (Shields 111) and the time the Austens lived in Bath is considered a “creative silence” in Jane Austen’s writing (Shields 113). While in Bath, the Austen family moved to many different apartments and each time the apartment got smaller and smaller. When her…

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