Jane Addams Contributions

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Sociology 101-12
Professor Moore
Jane Addams September 6, 1860 Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois. “Her parents are Sarah Weber Addams and John Huy Addams” (Daniels 2016). Jane Addams was the eighth of nine children and fifth living child at the time of her birth. When she was two years old her mother died giving birth to an early baby. After Jane’s mother died her father would remarry to Anna Haldeman with two sons. “Jane’s father ran a successful mill business and he also was an Illinois State senator” (Daniels 2016). As an Illinois State senator, Jane Addams father was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. “Jane would learn from her father about honesty, humility, and a concern for those less fortunate” (Deegan 1988). Jane Addams contribution were co-founding the hull house, helping with the movement of women, and improving working conditions. “She is remembered more for the establishment of the hull house settlements” (Daniels 2016). Addams contribution was also co-founding the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (Daniels 2016). Throughout history “Jane Addams is considered by many a pioneer in the field of modern social work” (Daniels 2016) and was involved with encouraging peace, civil rights, and women’s privileges to vote throughout
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“She died on May 21, 1935, at the age of 74, in Chicago Illinois” (Biography.com Editors 2014). Addams was successful that “she was the first American women to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace” (Deegan 1988). She has brought a lot of change and attitude toward helping women, improving working conditions, and helping the immigrants and poor. Addams has made a huge contribution in sociology by providing the creation of the hull house and more. She has made significant effects for working conditions of men and women. But most importantly she will be remembered for her hard social work throughout

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