Jane Addams Biography: A & E Television

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I. Biography.com Editors. (2014). “Jane Addams Biography” A&E Television http://www.biography.com/people/jane-addams-9176298#other-roles Retrieved 10/7/16 This source gives the biography of Jane Addams. Jane Addams co-founded one of the first settlement houses in the United States, the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois, in 1989. The article states her early life and works as a social reformer, pacifist, and feminist during the late 19th century and early century. It also gives her other roles as a peace activist and co-winner of a Nobel Peace Prize as well as how she passed away.
I would like to include this article in my PowerPoint project because Jane Addams helped her community in many ways. She gave back to the community and she was a
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IV. Cole, N.L. (2016) “Harriet Martineau: A Brief Biography and Intellectual History” Online source http://sociology.about.com/od/Profiles/fl/Harriet-Martineau.htm Retrieved 10/7/16
This source is about the life of Harriet Martineau. The article tells about how Martineau translated Auguste Comte’s foundational sociological text, “Cours de Philosophie Positive”, into English. It was so well written that Comte had his interpreters write the English version in French. The article also has her early background and how she contributed to the field of sociology. Harriet Martineau is also known as the first female English writer of feminist.
I would like to include this source about Harriet Martineau in my PowerPoint project because she is one of the earliest women sociologist and she helped translate Auguste Comte’s books. She contributed a lot to the sociological field.
V. Conley, D. (2015). “You May Ask Yourself, fourth edition” W.W. Norton &
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Giddens, A. (1987). “Sociology: A Brief but Critical Introduction.” Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. http://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/savvy/introtosociology/Documents/Field%20of%20sociology033108.htm Retrieved 10/7/16
This article is about the origins of sociology. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there were many changes in the mechanical industry growing and the industrial revolution in Britain and it caused for sociological change. Also, capitalism began to grow in Europe. With all the social changes leading to the development of social sciences. Which is when sociology was introduced.
I would like to include this in my PowerPoint project because it states how sociology began and why.

VIII. Herbert Spencer. (2016). “The famous people website” http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/herbert-spencer-171.php Retrieved 10/7/16
This article gives the whole biography on Herbert Spencer from when he was born to his death as well as everything else in between. The article tells about the people who influenced him into his line of sociology, as well as the people he inspired like other philosophers and scholars. It gives information on his early life and all the careers he

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