Jan Huss Argument Essay

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The church was in the center of people 's lives. The men and women listened to its teachings and everything they had to say. The church slowly became corrupt because the leaders were trying to maintain a prideful facade. Leaders of the church decided to excommunicate and even execute people who challenged the church 's teachings. Jan Huss was one of these men that did not accept the church 's teachings. He was a Czech priest that was highly influenced by John Wycliffe. He was burned in 1415 after being accused as a heretic. One of the reasons why Huss was executed was because of the arrogance of the church. Instead of trying to solve the issue, they church already decide to condemn him and they even accused him of things he did not do, as …show more content…
It was possible to receive an indulgence by visiting a particular place or through good works. Pope Urban II declared the earliest recorded penance indulgence when he accepted the participation in the crusade as a complete penance. As the years continued, Bishops and Popes expanded the use of indulgences by accepting money as an offering from lay people to pay off their sins. By the late 15th century, indulgences became commercialized and this nice act was now being abused. The people received certificates that stated their acceptance into heaven and that they were allowed to do as they pleased after they gave a great sum of money to the church. Hus was enraged that the clerics of the church accepted and promoted this idea. “No pope or bishop, according to Huss, had a right to take up the sword in the name of the Church; he should pray for his enemies and bless those that curse him. Man obtains forgiveness of sins by real repentance, not for money.” Hus and Wycliffe both believed that sin cannot be pardoned for money, and righteousness cannot be bought and sold.” Despite the accusation, the clerics continued to collect money since so many people would pay for their sins. Indulgences became a new way to raise money for expenses of the Pope to be paid for, and many of the crusades may have been payed by the indulgences. They were making money and building new churches, hospitals, schools, and many more buildings, so there was no reason for them to cease the collection of

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