Jamestown And Plymouth As A Global Leader Essay

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Jamestown and Plymouth In the early 15th century, Europeans began to set their eyes on the horizon in search of a new world. As countries began to set sail in hopes of gold, God and glory, the idea of permanent settlement in the New World was out of mind, at least at first. As both Spain and Portugal ruled over the mercantile scene, England was yet to make its mark. Feeling the pressure, England joined the hunt for natural resources without knowing it would one day be the start of the modern day superpower, the United States. The colonies of both Jamestown in Virginia and Plymouth in Massachusetts set the stage for what would one day be a global leader. Although the English founded both Jamestown and Plymouth, the two settlements became contrasting places by the end of the 17th century due to the differing basic foundations each colony was built on. Despite the fact that both groups of immigrants were England based, their reasonings for sailing to the New World couldn’t be more contrasting. While one group was fleeing from the king, James I, the others were working for him. The religious beliefs of those who settled the Plymouth colony pushed them to escape to the New World. Within England, King James was pushing the Puritans to convert to the Church of England’s belief system. Refusing to do so, a group of approximately four hundred English Puritans fled to Leiden, Holland, in search of religious freedom. Although Holland offered the freedom they lusted for, it came at…

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