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Presidential Impact Report

James Knox Polk America has had countless presidents throughout the centuries. Many of them have had a lasting impact on American culture and its government. Over the years, as or society grew and had more cultural influences, our government has changed as well. James Knox Polk, one of the few “pre-modern” presidents, influenced the American government by creating new forms of executive authority through his presidency. President John Polk was a democrat who demonstrated the use of authority not explicitly granted to him, executive power, and that sometime its plays an essential role in government. Executive power is almost giving the president complete authority at times until a limit is met. His
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Finally, the end of the war came to an end with a treaty at the cost of over 60,000 casualties between the two countries. Polk also made the commercial Treaty of New Granda (present-day Colombia) because he was concerned that Britain might use the war with Mexico to expand its claims in Central America and the Caribbean … Polk paved the way for the eventual construction in 1914 of the Panama Canal… On February 2, 1848, he had signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which authorized U.S. payment of $15 million for California and New Mexico, and named the Rio Grande as the Texas border (Foreign).
He had accomplished what he had planned from the beginning of his presidential career: westward expansion. The United States acquired over 800,000 square miles of western territory and extended its boundary to the Pacific Ocean, coast-to-coast. The greatest complication he encountered was probably during the Mexican war. During that time was when he had taken advantage of his executive privilege the most. James K. Polk had left an impression on American history during his presidency. The United States had increased its size by more than one-fourth. Polk had demonstrated an exceptional amount of leadership as well as the use of executive power. However, in modern context the use of such power would not be considered as much. For the most part, having to deal with a war during his term allowed him to execute the use of this privilege,

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