James Buchanan Failure

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On March 4, 1857 James Buchanan was sworn in as the 15th president of the United States of America, after defeating Republican candidate John C. Fremont. He served as President during the run up to the Civil War. In his inability to stop the southern states drive towards secession many historians consider his presidency a failure. Unfortunately with this title attached to his name all of his achievements and attributes to this country were disregarded and overlooked. The question that continues to linger in American History is was James Buchanan really a complete disaster of legends? Which America believes him to be.
James Buchanan was always interested in political affairs even before he became President. Buchanan began what would be a long political career when he was elected as a member of the
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At the 1844 Democratic convention, Buchanan was one of the leading contenders for the presidential nomination. In his Campaign he explained his views on many domestic, social, economic and foreign issues, which was very different from the other candidates. Buchanan’s foreign views were limited to attempts to influence the Americans. Efforts to annex Cuba derailed because the island would surely have entered the Union as a slave state. All of his activates and attempts increased international enmity towards the United States. His Domestic views were very controversial Buchanan thought that states should decide the legality of slavery within their border. Many people disagreed with this and fought it during his entire campaign. Unfortunately in the end he still lost out to James K. Polk, but was then selected as his secretary of state. While filling his position he successfully negotiated a treaty with England over Oregon Territory, thus avoiding war. At the beginning of his administration he acted as a lesser influence of the President, but later Buchanan became the leading

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